• Name the Grace of Almighty Allah and with such tremendous efforts of our wonderful community Latvian Islamic Centre ‘LIC’


           Islam- fact sheet in Arabic, Islam means "submission to God." Its etymological roots come from "Salam," or peace. Islam dates back to the age of Adam and its message have been conveyed to man by God, prophet and messenger Muhammad.



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    Latvia is a democratic country and member of the European Union. Here have lot of religious, cultural, national and international centres, Muslim prayer houses and organizations. Latvian Islamic centre is a legal and registered organization by the representative department of the Government of Latvia. If you would like to know any information about Latvian Islamic Centre or Prayer houses in Latvia, don't hesitate call or write us please.











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We would like to introduce to you the newly founded Latvian Islamic Centre (LIC). It is located in the Centre of Riga

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