Riga is a capital of the Baltic countries, ancient city and natural beautiful  place. But we don't have any own place of "Latvian Islamic Center". We have to project a own place for  "Latvian Islamic Center". 


If you would like to donate to "Latvian Islamic Center",  it is possible by Cash, Online or Bank-transfer & inform us by telephone or E-mail; write your details please:

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 Bank account:

Latvian Islamic Centre

Registration No: 40008202020

Account No: LV-50HABA0551036207180


Swed Bank

Balasta Dambis 1a, Riga, LV-1048, 




Contact us

We would like to introduce to you the newly founded Latvian Islamic Centre (LIC). It is located in the Centre of Riga

  • Tel: +371-28736799